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A Quick Look at Electric Quarter Arcade - Ocean City, MD

After my recent article about the Boardwalk arcades of Ocean City, Maryland a number of people reached out to me and suggested that I visit another local arcade - Electric Quarter. It was less than ten minutes down the road from the place that my family rented for vacation so it had to be done.

Unlike the Boardwalk arcades that are essentially right on the beach, Electric Quarter is a couple of blocks inland. That makes it much more difficult for people to just walk into as they are passing by, but on the plus side it makes it much, much cleaner. The games were in much better condition than the ones as the beach locations as well.

Electric Quarter had three pinball machines, the highlight of which for me was the newest - Stern Pinball's Foo Fighters Premium. Man that game is good. It's definitely one of my favorite recent games. In addition to that they had Stern James Bond Premium and Chicago Gaming Company's fancy Medieval Madness Remake Royal Edition. You don't see the Royal Edition on location very often. All three worked perfectly and were very clean.

In addition to the pinball, they had a number of classic arcade games, including Spy Hunter, Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, NBA Jam and an official Bandai Namco multi cocktail.

There was lots of newer redemption games and claw machines a new Big Buck Hunter Reloaded, Skee-Ball, a pair of Super Bikes, a brand new Andamiro Bobblehead Baseball, Coastal Amisements Break the Plate and more.

All in all Electric Quarter was a very clean collection of a few classics, theee great pins and some cool very newer games. It's definitely worth stopping by if you're in the area.

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