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A Sneak Peek At What Stern Pinball Jaws Art Might Look Like

Last week I wrote a post that talked about how Universal Studios had applied for a trademark to use Jaws in a pinball machine (link:

At the time I speculated about who would do the artwork if Stern were to make a Jaws pin. I had dismissed the possibility that it would be Randy Martinez because he has only done the art on Stern Star Wars games in the past. Well, that dismissal may have been too hasty.

Apparently Jaws is one of Randy Martinez’s all-time favorite movies. Here’s what he had to say about the film on Facebook back in 2020:

So Randy is a Stern artist whose favorite movie is Jaws? I’d call this one a done deal. Here is a Jaws print that he did for the San Diego Comic Con. This should give us a good idea of what a Randy Martinez Jaws pin would look like.

A tip of the hat to Zach Meny of The Pinball Show podcast whose mention of Randy’s Jaws artwork on this week’s episode caused me to poke around and find the above stuff.

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