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A Visit to the Budapest Pinball Museum

I've done arcade write-ups of dozens and dozens of locations over the years, but none as far away as this one. My wife and her good friend, Jaime - one of the first visitors to the actual Knapp Arcade :), are on a tour of Europe. They stopped in the Budapest Pinball Museum aka Flippermúzeum today to grab a bunch of pictures for us.

Founded in 2014, the Pinball Museum is located in the basement of a residential building in Budapest, Hungary. This unique location creates a really cool aesthetic on the inside. It features over 160 pinball and arcade games, including a bunch of ones that would even be considered rare in the United States.

Thanks for the pictures Megan and Jaime! Check them out below:

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One of my favourite places!


Wow this is great article and pics, thanks Knapp and wife of Knapp(also friend of Knapps)!!!!

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