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A Visit to the World Famous Rock Fantasy Pinball Venue

My family and I have been taking trips to arcades for a long time. Pictures of my boys when they were super little visiting some location with my wife and I pop up in my memories all the time.

One day last week, all four of us had a rare reprieve from work, school and sports, so we hopped in the car and headed on up to Stephen Keeler’s World Famous Rock Fantasy pinball location / Music Store / Smoke Shop in Middletown, New York.

This specific trip was particularly nostalgic for me because I have been taking my boys there for years and now my oldest son is a Senior in high school who will head off to college very soon.

One of the great things about Rock Fantasy is not only do all the games work great, but they keep the lineup fresh. This time there was a bunch of new additions since my last trip, including Stern Pinball’s RUSH, Stern Electronics Nine Ball and Stern Electronics Catacomb. In the not so distant future, Rock Fantasy is going to add the awesome new Chicago Gaming Cactus Canyon Remake to its lineup. love that game. I'll definitely have to make a trip back to play that.

As an added bonus, just a few doors down the street from Rock Fantasy is a new location for Equilibrium Brewery. The Brewery is located in a beautiful building that is an expansion of a cool old bank. It has a great beer garden and a cool website that lets you order a refill of your beer in seconds with the tap of a button on your phone. So cool, yet so dangerous lol. Rock Fantasy even has a pinball machine on location at Equilibrium, Deadpool Pro.

These two spots, Rock Fantasy and Equlibrium, compliment each other perfectly. They make for a fantastic day trip. I had about as good a time as humanly possible when I went with my family last week. Great pinball, Great Beer and Family :). As I mentioned, I’ve been to Rock Fantasy a bunch of times so I didn’t take quite as many pictures this time around as I often do. Still, I couldn’t help but take a few :). Here's a bunch of Rock Fantasy and a few of Equilibrium Brewery, a few doors down for your viewing pleasure.

That's Stephen and I hangin' out. Below are some some pics of Equilibrium:

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