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Additional Details on American Pinball's Next Three Pinball Machines; Two New Games in 2024

Back in mid-November, based upon a recent YouTube interview with an American Pinball employee at a trade show I reported here that American Pinball's next three pinball machines are unlicensed titles. This morning American Pinball's Director of Operations and Marketing David Fix provided some additional information on AP's upcoming games.

According to the interview, AP's next game is an original theme that is not licensed. This game is a Barry Oursler game, which is a great tribute to the late legendary pinball designer.

The game after that Fix stated "let's just say it's a follow-up game" [it sounds like White Water 2 to me - which would be awesome, but again this is just speculation].

The third game on deck at AP is a licensed theme

The fourth upcoming game is a license.

So essentially AP's next two games are unlicensed, not the next three. The Company does have a couple of licenses in the queue. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for all of us in the hobby.

David Fix went on to say in the interview that American Pinball has been trying to get to a two games a year model. More frequent game launches from them would be great. The more to talk about the better for all us fanatics :). AP's next two games are being built and designed in parallel. Both will be released in 2024.

Other notes from the great interview:

- New American Pinball designer Ryan McQuaid's first game for the Company is currently a flipping whitewood.

- Christopher Franchi is doing art for upcoming American games.

- The 300 unit production goal signs that were seen on the walls during recent American Pinball factory tours were intended to motivate everyone to help American break it's single year pinball production record, which it is on track to do in 2023.

- Riot Pinball, the independent designers of the Legends of Valhalla and Wrath of Olympus pinball machines, is actively working on a new game right now.

- American Pinball strives to produce 15 to 20 games per day.

Here's a link to today's Loserkid Pinball podcast interview:

Ep 125: Fixing the rumors with David Fix

The original article:

Next 3 American Pinball Games are Original Themes; Next Reveal Feb; Franchi Art on Next Spooky

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