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Airbnb With Its Own Arcade...Oh Yeah and a Massive Racetrack

Usually I share pictures of home arcades that I've seen in mansions that are for sale, but in today's entry into the series I have a place that anyone reading this could visit if they really wanted to. It's an Airbnb in Missouri that not only has its own arcade, it has its own massive racetrack!

For $3,000, this huge 8 Bedroom, 7.5 Bath house that sleeps 16+ people can be yours for the day. The house features a pool, hot tub, tennis court, fishing pond, one hole golf course, gym dance floor, of course an arcade otherwise I wouldn't be mentioning it here and last but not least a massive racetrack, complete with Go-Karts, Electric Drift Carts and ATVs! I'm not sure what Gel Blasters are, but it's got those too. I guess that it's sort of like paintball. Whew, I need to go here.

"About this space

Designed around providing you with the best atmosphere to enjoy your time with friends and family, or your work team. Go-Karts, ATV’s, and Electric Drift Carts are included in the rental! Pool, hot tub, tennis/basketball courts, kids playground, fishing pond, one hole golf course, and off road trails are all a step outside from the 8700 square foot luxurious tuscan style home. Inside the shop you’ll find a full exercise gym, free arcade, dancefloor, indoor crazy cart track, and gel-blasters!

The space

You do not have to leave for entertainment! Everything you could ever want for an action packed or relaxed stay is on site. Activities for all ages. We have race theme inspired rooms. Everything from real race car beds, the Drive-In theater room with truck beds and movie projector, Ricky Bobby room, Dale Earnhardt room, the new Bugatti room and much more!

Guest access

Guests have access to the full house, and all amenities the resort includes! The easy-going staff (Jon & Allison) are on site to assist you with the motorsports activities! Ever seen live automotive drifting? Ask Jon to do a drift show and take one or two lucky guests for a ride in a real drift car!

Other things to note

Contact us about bringing your own equipment. We do not provide any full sized automobiles (cars) but in certain situations we allow invested drift car pilots to bring their own vehicles. Additional costs do apply when bringing your own automotive equipment and are subject to tech inspections prior to use."

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this might be a little better than playing Mario Cart guys!

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