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All About Barrels of Fun Pinball; Sales Figures; Production Rate; Game 2 Timing; Factory Tour

As I mentioned yesterday, today at noon the folks at Barrels of Fun Pinball opened up their doors and conducted a virtual tour of their factory in Houston, Texas. Along with the tour, Barrels’ David van Es and Brian Savage did some Q & A with the viewers that provided some excellent information about the company.

Barrels currently manufactures games three days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with other work being conducted on the remaining days. The Company has produced a maximum of six games per day so far. During the tour, viewers could see a ton of Labyrinth machines in various stages of production.

Barrels of Fun has built and shipped a total of 222 Labyrinth machines to date. They just crossed the 750 unit mark in sales of the game, which is limited to a total run of 1,100 units. Wow, what fantastic transparency. They said that they are currently on track to be done with Labyrinth production by the end of 2024.

Attendees of this year’s Houston Arcade Expo will be treated to an actual tour of the Barrels of Fun facility, much like the Chicago pinball manufacturers do each year for Pinball Expo.

Labyrinth is scheduled to have another code update this Friday. Barrels of Fun expects to continue to support the game for a long time, so they keep adding things to the code beyond what is shown on the playfield inserts.

The heads of Barels of fun did not want to make any sort of firm commitment about when they would reveal Game 2. They did show us the door that the work in progress second game was hidden behind though lol. It will be revealed when they are done with Labyrinth production and it is ready to be shown. Given that Labyrinth production should be complete around the end of the year, I personally would think that means we will see Barrels of Fun Game 2 in late 2024 or early 2025.

Kudos to the Barrels of Fun people for the great virtual event. It was super impressive. They said that they are going to upload it to YouTube in a little while for those of you who want to watch it in its entirety.

Well, this is the second article that I’ve written on my phone from a hospital waiting room today. My son is in recovery now and they said that the surgery went well. Thank goodness.

I tell you, if I had this much time to work on the Knapp Arcade site instead of having a real job it would really rock lol. Maybe someday.

Game #2 is hiding right behind this door!

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2 commentaires

Nathan Skorupa
Nathan Skorupa
2 days ago

I wonder how much space they have in SF? This looks like what deep root should of been and how they should of operated. Good for BOF.


Anthony Salerno
Anthony Salerno
2 days ago

Seems like a great pinball company! Just the opposite of several others. No need To mention names!

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