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All the Spooky Pinball News That's Fit to Print

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Bug and Spooky Luke from Spooky Pinball conducted a great Question and Answer session with the company's fans on Facebook this morning. Here's my notes from the event...

- Spooky is on track to finish its run of Halloween / Ultraman pinball machines in the next few months, before the end of the year. The company is manufacturing machines more efficiently than ever before, currently at a rate of 40/week.

- Spooky Pinball just obtained a new license this week.

- The Company plans on announcing the second run of its popular Total Nuclear Annihilation machine "pretty soon here"

- Spooky is planning on producing two different machines on the line at the same time very soon.

- The next Spooky Pinball game contains a record number of sculpts, more than the previous high in Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle.

- Despite earlier statements, Spooky will probably come out with two themes on the same layout again at some point in the future.

- Spooky Pinball has made amends with Pinball Expo and will be at this year's show (October 19th - 22nd).

- Spooky has a big batch of games almost ready to ship to the UK, 2 or 3 containers worth. They had to rent the building across the street to store them all.

- Spooky would love to do another run of America's Most Haunted again someday with the improved build quality that they have now.

- They offered a peek at the factory in the background and we caught a glimpse of a Total Nuclear Annihilation machine without legs. Spooky working on the next run of the game perhaps?

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