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American Pinball Announces Development of New Board System; Bolsters Service Department

This evening American Pinball (AP) launched its new Twitch channel with a stream of the Company's 2020 pinball machine Hot Wheels.

During the stream, American's Executive Vice-President David Fix made two new announcements. First that the company has hired two new techs to bolster its service department, Maurice and Lloyd.

The second announcement is that American has created its own new pinball board system that it will use in its games going forward. The new boards, produced by AP's parent company Aimtron, will replace the Multimorphic P-Roc board system that it had been using. The new boards are backwards compatible, so they can be used as replacements boards for all existing AP games.

The Company also reiterated during the stream that the rumors that Aimtron is looking for a buyer for the division are false and stated that it will conduct regular steams of its games on this channel in n Wednesdays going forward.

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