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American Pinball Announces Memorial Day Sale

Early this morning American Pinball announced on its Facebook page that starting today, 5/17 customers who purchase one of its older games before the end of the month will receive a special a $500 Memorial Day discount.

Specifically, this limited-time incentive is available on Hot Wheels, Houdini, Galactic Tank Force, Oktoberfest and Legends Of Valhalla. Barry O’s BBQ Challenge is excluded from this offer.

On a related note, American Pinball also shared that it will be offering tours of its factory for attendees of this year's Chicago Pinball Expo. The tours will be held on Wednesday, October 16th. Anyone who is interested can register using the link below:

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The company has no customer service at all. I have reached out numerous times with no response! Disappointed!


I actually love Hot Wheels. It doesn't have a lot of gimmicky toys. But its got great rules, great shots, fast super flowy game play, and a tough but not insurmountable buildup to the final Wizard mode. One of those games where the sum is more than the parts. Underrated IMHO.

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I really like some of the older AP games. Hot Wheels is fun. Houdini is tight, but a neat game. Even Octoberfest is really interesting and unique. Galactic Tank Force gets a bum rap. I've had fun playing it, but I think that reliability is a big problem with it. BBQ's theme was a horrendous decision, but I haven't played one yet so I can't judge it as a game.

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