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Rare Working Magic Girl Pinball Machine to Make First U.S. Appearance at Pinball Expo

Here's a surprise announcement, the annual Pinball Expo convention just announced that Rob Berk teamed up with American Pinball and the group of Dutch individuals who managed the few beautiful, yet controversial Magic Girl pinball machine to actually work to bring their working version of the game to this year's show, which is being held in Chicago from October 19th through the 22nd. This will be the first appearance of the working version of this game in the United States.

I seem to be in the minority here, given how widely disliked John Popaduik is, but I think that it's cool that a couple of people actually got this game to work. Below is a video from the Dutch Pinball Museum's Facebook page of the improved Magic Girl in action, a copy of the Pinball Expo announcement and a link to an article about the long and twisted tale of the machine for anyone who isn't familiar with it.

The curious story of Magic Girl, the would-be greatest pinball machine of all time

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