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American Pinball Galactic Tank Force Trailer 3 - First Look at the Machine

As they have every Saturday morning for the past several weeks, today at 9:00 AM EST American Pinball shared another teaser video for its next pinball machine Galactic Tank Force. The first two teasers showed off the game's theme and plot, in the third trailer the game's designer, Dennis Nordman, show off the machine's unique cabinet and artist Christopher Franchi's amazing retro-futuristic art.

There will be several trim levels of Galactic Tank Force. The version of the game that is shown off in this trailer appears to be the top of the line version, equivalent to a Stern Pinball LE or a Jersey Jack Pinball CE. It includes the full immersivity themed art package, with a turret on top of the head when folded down and tank treads that cover the game's legs, both of which have LED lighting. This is without a doubt the most unique pinball cabinet design in years.

With pinball machines launching every single day (I sure am exhausted) AP might as well embrace the slow launch at this point. Doing so will at least give them some air time all to themselves after everyone has already shown all their goods. I can't wait to see more! If the schedule holds true to form, American Pinball may share a fourth teaser trailer for the game at 9:00 AM next Saturday morning. Hopefully the next one gives us all of the gameplay of what is rumored to be an absolutely packed game. If not, American is expected to show Galactic Tank Force off to the public for the first time at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival. The Company is on the schedule to run a seminar at the event at 5:00 PM on Friday 3/24.

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