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American Pinball Releases New Video on Galactic Tank Force

OK I'm back from the cardiologist in NYC. Massive traffic each way, being poked and prodded there and then meeting up with old friends afterwards for a few beers afterwards was exhausting.

Somewhere in the middle of all that American Pinball released a new video on its latest game Galactic Tank Force. Check it out below:

"Straight from the distant reaches of the Namdron Galaxy, American Pinball brings you thrilling instructional videos for our latest audiovisual extravaganza: ‘Galactic Tank Force’! Immerse yourself in a retro-futuristic world as you learn the secrets to master this cosmic pinball adventure. With captivating visuals and narration, these videos will transport you to the moon of Lumina, where you’ll command the Model 375A Battle Tank and face off against colossal enemy tanks, diabolical robots, and UFOs. Get ready to soak up the knowledge, experience heart-pounding moments, and unravel the strategies to conquer the cosmic chaos in ‘Galactic Tank Force’! #GalacticTankForce #PinballAdventure"

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