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American Pinball Reveals Special Features for Galactic Tank Force Signature Edition Machines

While we have known about the special "Signature Edition" of American Pinball's latest game, Galactic Tank Force, since it was launched we never really knew all of the special features that were to be included in that version of the game. An hour or so ago, AP launched a trailer for the GTF Signature Edition on YouTube.

"Hey Kids! Major Duke Moonwalker set his ‘Time Transporter’ from the FUTURE to a random kitchen in Anytown USA to Deliver an Incredible offer from American Pinball, Today!

Straight from the Outpost on the Moon of Lumina, here's the new Galactic Tank Force Signature Edition by American Pinball! With an exclusive production roll out of ONLY 200 units, this one-of-a-kind space tank features custom painted 'Glow Tech' toys that shift colors with the playfield lighting, Radiant Rubber Reactive Bands from TITAN, retro green powder coated metal, retro-SciFi Diamond Coated Playfield Artwork by Christopher Franchi, and a 3-Dimension Lenticular Backglass! But wait, there's more! The revolutionary Fold-n-Fight Tank Turret isn't just a feature; it's a one-of-a-kind attraction in itself! It’s a collector's dream, merging retro charm with futuristic flair. So, space adventurers, don't just stand there gazing at the stars. Grab your piece of Pinball History with the Galactic Tank Force Signature Edition – because once they're gone, they're gone for light-years!"

Here's pictures of a few of the exclusive Signature Edition features:

We already knew about the 3D translite,

The signed apron,

And the GTF Lunchbox.

New fratures of the Signature Edition (to me at least) include a thermos:

"Glow Tech" painted sculpts,

Glow in the Dark Titan Bands,

Powder Coated armor

A pint glass,

A banner,

And two posters.

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Played GTF for the first time this week. Very fun game with a fun theme and humour, and excellent production values on the playfield with terrific choice in materials and great lighting. Floating cows, blasting tanks, and a ball lock system that cues up like the Deathstar Trench Run in Star Wars... hard not to smile while playing this one.


21 de nov. de 2023

Goodluck selling 2 let alone 200. I doubt they have sold 200 GTF games. I thought they abandoned the SLE. Only a fool would pay $17k for this.

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