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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Late Friday (10/22) cryptic messages started popping up on the Facebook pages of several of the arcades that I follow. The messages talked about how a mystery game will be on location for testing this weekend but that they were sworn by NDAs not to reveal what the game is. I am 99% sure that the mystery game is American Pinball's upcoming Legends of Valhalla pinball machine. American is likely testing the game on location before unleashing it to the masses at the Chicago Pinball Expo next week. If one compares the box shown in the Jackbar social media post to the box that American Pinball shipped its last game, Hot Wheels, out in they look very similar. I've seen a bunch of video of the original Homebrew Legends of Valhalla being played so this won't exactly be something we have never seen before. Still, I'm really curious to see what American Pinball tweaked in the mass produced version. Get out there to South Carolina’s Bang Back Pinball Lounge and Brooklyn’s Jackbar this weekend and check it out!

EDIT: Add Buffalo’s Pocketeer Billiards and Sports Bar to the mystery pinball machine location list

Here's a closeup on the Jackbar box:

And here is a Hot Wheels box:

Pretty close!

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