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American Pinball Shares Video of BBQ Challenge Production

Today must be my lucky day, two new pinball production videos in one day. This afternoon, American Pinball shared a short video of production at its factory in Palatine, Illinois on its Facebook story.

As you can see, AP has quite a few Barry O's BBQ Challenges on the line. I recently spoke to a distributor who has sold a decent number of the Limited Edition model to pinball locations, which is good to hear. I have yet to play it myself, I need to hop on over to Bartari in Scranton PA or Cointaker's Route 61 Pinbar to give it a try one of these days. I think that those two are the closest ones on location to me at this point. If anyone knows of one closer to Northern NJ, let me know.

In addition to the BBQs, it looked like AP had a couple of Houdinis in production as well. For those of you who don't want to drop the money on an entire pinball machine, AP is selling Barry O's BBQ Challenge t-shirts on its website now for $19.99. I'm enjoying drinking beer out of my Galactic Tank Force pint glass that I recently bought on their website.

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19 avr.

I want to know who is buying these? The people I’ve spoken to who have played this game (about a dozen) did not like the game.


Afattori is right man middle picture looks like something straight from zapruder film, looks sketchy and they just need to clean house and get more people over there who eat sleep and dream pinball man. Bowden can't save the company on his own, and he's the only one over there who gives a damn


I don’t know, but something looks really suspicious about these pics. To me looks like about five being made only.

One pic looks like a potato took it, and another looks like it was photoshopped/edited. The artwork looks suspiciously blurry and fake looking.

AP is done. Can’t keep selling Houdini’s.

18 avr.
En réponse à

I captured these pictures from a story video on AP's Facebook page.

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