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An Elaborate Prank or is The Princess Bride Pinball Coming?

OK, I'll bite. This morning I received an e-mail from someone at the following e-mail address:

The message was titles "Upcoming new game" and contained the following message:

"We hope everybody loves this game as much as we're enjoying making it!"

This is a somewhat marketing tactic that Barrels of Fun Pinball aka the Mystery Pinball Company used to launch Labyrinth. So here's the $10,000 question (that seems to be more appropriate for a discussion about pinball than the million dollar question) this a real thing or is someone just pulling our leg? If it is a prank, they actually put a little effort into it by registering a domain name and creating a rudimentary website.

A couple of months ago, Kaneda said that his friend spoke with the people representing The Princess Bride at the licensing expo and they told him that someone did secure the pinball license for the movie. At the time, his guess was that it was Spooky Pinball that had the license.

Well, this isn't Spooky's normal marketing MO. So...

  • Either Spooky is changing things up and this is its next game OR

  • This is Barrels of Fun Pinball's next game (this seems unlikely) OR

  • This is yet another completely new pinball company OR

  • This is an elaborate prank

What do you all think? I'm personally a skeptic by nature, so I'm leaning towards this being someone who's trying to trick us. It is interesting to think about though. I do think that The Princess Bride would make a good theme for a pinball machine.

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