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Announcement of New Pinball Manufacturer for Bally / Williams Remakes to Come Before End of 2023; Production of First Game to Start in Q1 2024 - UPDATED

The end of 2023 is rapidly approaching and many businesses are shutting down or cruising into the end of the year, but I'm hearing that one pinball Company is going to share some big news before year-end. Word is that sometime between now and the end of 2023 we will receive an official announcement that a new manufacturer has been awared the rights to build remakes of Bally and Williams' iconic pinball titles.

An announcement of the details is right around the corner followed the reveal of the new manufacturer's first remake and the start of production during the first quarter of 2024.

That's all I have for now. Short and sweet. I'll share any additional information that I'm able to find out about this situation here as soon as I have it.


The rumor that Chicago Gaming Company (CGC) has lost the rights to remake Bally Williams games has been floating around out there for a while. I don't know for certain how this announcement will impact CGC. I was told definitively that the new manufacturer would be the main one for Bally Williams remakes going forward, however Planetary Pinball just issued a statement about its relationship with Chicago Gaming Company saying the following:

"Chicago Gaming Co (CGC) continues to be a strong partner and probably the best build quality in the industry. PPS is looking forward to many more years with CGC and more titles as well!"

It certainly sounds like Chicago Gaming will still manufacture some Bally Williams titles in the future. Having said that, a new manufacturing partner is definitely coming with an announcement very soon.

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