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Another Possible Interpretation of the July Stern Game Rumors…Anniversary Godzilla

Updated: May 23

So I’m sitting here in an airport bar on my way to Chicago thinking about all of the pinball stuff that I’ve heard today. There’s another possible interpretation of that the new game from Stern Pinball in July rumors.

This interpretation keeps Metallica in the Fall and has a 70th Anniversary Godzilla Premium machine released in July. Two people reached out to me after my Metallica article earlier today suggesting that the July release is going to be a special Godzilla. One of them even said “sell your Godzilla now if you have one.”

There’s been talk of a 70th Anniversary ‘Zilla in 2024 for several months now. Some of the chatter says that the art will be darker, possibly Elvira’s House of Horrors Blood Red KISS-esque (probably not red as the accent).

The Godzilla Rumors sound very plausible to me. One way or another it sounds like we’re getting something newish from Stern in July, which sounds great to me. More to talk about with you folks.

News Flash: my 8:30 PM flight was just delayed until 9:45, so you may be getting more pictures and/or articles from me as I sit here waiting :).

Cheers from Newark airport!

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Wow! I mean, that would completely pissed so many LE owners, but tbh I'm definitely curious to see if it does come out! A black and white Godzilla sounds very badass!


Interesting! Keep us updated. GZ is another burn on the LE owners. Stern could care less about the collectors. Sales sales sales is all that matters. I won’t buy NIB from Stern

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Maybe the 70th won't be limited numbered.... then LE people still have a "Limited" pin.


Appreciate all the updates, rumors, and news. Safe travels!

May 23
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