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AP: Galactic Tank Force Outearns Foo Fighters on Location; Game Fixes; Production Update

The gentlemen over at Pinball News and Pinball Magazine interviewed American Pinball's David Fix in the latest episode of their monthly PINcast that was released earlier today (this was their 63rd consecutive monthly episode BTW - very impressive).

American Pinball (AP) has found a solution to the bending center tank targets on Galactic Tank Force (GTF). The Company signed off on a 500 unit run of all three pieces of a bracket designed to strengthen the targets a week ago. As soon as they are received at American Pinball from the manufacturer, AP will send them out to its customers.

The issues with the Galactic Tank Force ball locks during the game's first official stream and at one of the recent pinball shows in Milwaukee were caused by the wrong balls being installed in certain machines, causing the balls to become magnetized. American Pinball normally uses STR carbon pinballs in its games, but a mix-up at the factory led to non-carbon balls being installed in certain units. This issue has now been resolved.

David Fix went on to state that Galactic Tank Forces on location are "earning on par or a little bit better than Foo Fighters at quite a few different locations." He referenced specific locations like Enterrium in Chicago (where the game earned 938 $1 swipes on the game during the month), Pocketeer in Buffalo and several locations in California.

American Pinball's recent run of Octoberfest machines is now done. Both of the Company's assembly lines are now solely running Galactic Tank Force. Customers who order the game today should get their game in two to three months. The 200 Signature Edition games have not started production yet, but once the key parts are in that run will begin.

American Pinball still plans to build a Classic version of Galactic Tank Force. Gameplay of the Classic version of GTF will be the same, but some elements of the bill of materials will be lowered.

Nitro Pinball is bringing a number of Galactic Tank Force machines to this weekend's Northwest Pinball and Arcade show that we have been discussing all day. AP shipped them four Deluxe and two Limited GTF machines to them for the show.

American Pinball currently has some units of Hot Wheels, Legends of Valhalla and Oktoberfest in stock. Later on this year after the Galactic Tank Force Signature Edition run is done AP plans to manufacture Houdini again. American Pinball stated that it currently has over 200 orders for Houdini that need to get filled. The Company has extended its license for Hot Wheels with Mattel.

Last year at Pinball Expo, American Pinball held a contest amongst the Homebrew pinball designers. The winner of the contest was to have its game produced by American Pinball. David Fix stated that American did indeed pick a winning design during the contest, however because of licensing constraints want to put the cart before the horse and announce who won yet.

Pinball Magazine & Pinball News PINcast May 2023 recap

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