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ARCADE REPORT: 8 on the Break aka The Break - Dunellen, NJ

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

My son and I had nothing going on this afternoon, so we decided to make the hour drive down to the world famous 8 on the Break arcade. Founded in this very location back in 1973, The Break is supposedly the longest continually running arcade in the United States!

The Break is renowned for its dancing / rhythm and fighting games. And man they had a ton of them. It had many Japanese arcade games that I have never seen anywhere else.

In addition to the huge variety of video games, The Break also has a solid selection of our go to machines, pinball. Here’s its current lineup:

1992 Williams Fish Tales 🎣

2020 Stern Pinball Avengers Infinity Quest Premium

2003 Stern Pinball Lord of the Rings

2013 Stern Pinball Star Trek Premium

2003 Stern Pinball Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (broken)

1998 Williams Monster Bash

2006 Stern Pinball World Poker Tour ♣️ ♥️

1992 Bally The Addams Family

1995 Bally Attack from Mars (broken)

1989 Williams Black Knight 2000

That’s a solid lineup. Two pins were down, but that’s not too bad. The others played pretty well and there was plenty to go around. My son and I spent the majority of our quarters on Avengers and World Poker Tour. I know that WPT isn’t considered to be a great game, but it’s one of my guilty pleasure pins. We love it.

Infinity Quest Premium is amazing. It has such crazy ramps and wire forms. The ball flies all over the place. What a great layout. I haven’t mastered the rules yet (I should look them up some day) but man I love shooting it.

All of the games take good old fashioned quarters. The pins ranged in price from $0.50/game for Fish Tales to $0.75/game for WPT to $1.00/game for Avengers with discounts for bulk play. Rumor had it that there was a Multimorphic P3 here at some point…alas it is gone. That game continues to elude me.

As you might have been able to guess from the name, The Break has several billiards tables. It is also known for its inexpensive cheesesteaks and shakes. My son and I didn’t partake in the food offerings this time because he had never been to White Castle before and we passed one on the way down. We stuffed our faces with those greasy burgers in cardboard boxes on the way home 🍔 to cap off a great day.

Thanks for reading!

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