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ARCADE REPORT: Railroad Street Bar & Grill, Linfield, PA (December 2019)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This weekend my family and I travelled down to visit my brother and nephew near Philadelphia. Yesterday we decided to go out to lunch so I casually suggested a location that I have heard about before that was about a half hour away, Railroad Street Bar & Grill. I think that they’re on to me because the first thing everyone said was “I bet it has pinball.” Maybe...

Railroad Street has one of the most impressive pinball collections that I’ve seen in a restaurant. They have the three newest Jersey Jacks, Willy Wonka, Pirates of the Caribbean and Dialed In. They also have newer Sterns, like Black Knight Pro and Iron Maiden. Of course, they have the Bally and Williams classics too, such as Fathom and Firepower. That Firepower was the highlight of the trip for me because it was loaded with a Power Balls instead of regular pinballs. So much fun to play.

What’s better than just pinball? Pinball and beer! Railroad Street had a huge list of beers on tap. The part of the trip that I was most surprised about though was the food. The food there was fantastic. The menu contained the usual bar items, like appetizers, burgers, etc but they were all unique and super tasty, from the lobster fries to the cauliflower chips to the huge variety of fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. Unexpected and delicious.

Unfortunately Batman 66 and Creature From the Black Lagoon were down that day. Every other pin that I personally tried played correctly. The pins were set to a dollar per play for the new games and fifty cents for older ones. The good and drink prices were reasonable. If you find yourself in the area, Railroad Street is definitely worth a trip.

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