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ARCADE REPORT: Upper Nyack Grill - Upper Nyack, NY (June 2018)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

My wife, one of my sons and I hit up the Upper Nyack Grill today. I wouldn’t call it an arcade as much as s good restaurant that has pinball machines. You know the food is good when my wife says “This place is way nicer than the dumps you usually bring us to.” LOL. The pin game here is strong. Theatre of Magic, TOTAN, Twilight Zone, Dracula (which I LOVE), The Data East Simpsons & Medusa, along with a few vids. The food was excellent. The games were fifty to seventy-five cents per play and the replay scores were reasonable. You know that they were reasonable when I’m awarded a few free games. Definitely check the Upper Nyack Grill out if you’re in the area. Wednesday nights are Pinball tournaments.

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