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ARCADE REPORT: Industrial Arts Brewing Company - Beacon, NY (November 2019)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I recently heard about a new brewery that has pinball machines that opened up around an hour from my house. My parents are in town for Thanksgiving, so my family and I headed up to Beacon, NY with them to check our Industrial Arts Brewing Company this afternoon.

As I mentioned, this location is brand new. They aren’t actually brewing beer there yet, but they have plans to do so in the future. They currently serve beer there from Industrial Arts’ other brewery. The tap room is super cool, the beer was great and the bartenders were very friendly.

Onto the part that everyone here really wants to hear about...the pinball. The games there are actually different than what Pinball Map lists for it. Industrial Arts current lineup is:

Jersey Jack Dialed In

Stern Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro

Bally Theatre of Magic

Chicago Gaming Medieval Madness Remake

Stern Harley Davidson

Williams Road Show

That’s a solid lineup of games, but I am very sorry to report that they could have been maintained better. My sons and I spent most of our coins playing Black Knight, which played perfectly. The other games we played, not so much. The upper flipper on Dialed In didn’t work right. Multiball wouldn’t start on Theatre of Magic and Road Show was completely down. Medieval & Harley looked good, but I never got around to trying them. The newer games were a dollar per play and the older were fifty cents. The Replay score on Black Knight was an easy 11 Mil so we definitely got our money’s worth there.

Industrial Arts serves a few snacky items and they had a food truck parked out front that we ate lunch at. The food from the truck was great.

The town of Beacon is near the brewery and it has a great Main Street to walk down. It is filled with cool galleries, a blown glass shop, tasty restaurants, a fun comic book store, a fancy donut shop and lots of great places.

Overall we had a really fun time on today’s Day Trip. If you’re nearby it’s definitely worth the trip. I hated to be a little negative on the playing condition of a couple of the pinball machines but I try to be honest here. Hopefully the operator will get those issues ironed out.

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