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ARCADE ROAD TRIP UPDATE: 366 Pinball Machines in the Books

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was Day 1 of the Fall 2023 Knapp Arcade Road Trip. Rob and I have now seen, photographed and played a ton of 366 of our 1,000 pin trip goal by visiting Pittsburgh's Pinball Perfection and Helicon Brewing.

There's three more locations on tap for today. I'll bring all of the video and pictures...particularly pictures of rare games to the Knapp Arcade Instagram and Facebook pages today, so make sure to keep an eye on those.

I'll do full write-ups on all the locations in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, I'm not quite as in tune with the current industry news so if anyone hears anything interesting about pinball or arcades, shoot me a message at I always really appreciate heads up about stuff.

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