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ARCADE SNEAK PEEK: Chronic Town - State College PA (July 2021)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The next leg of this road trip brought us to my wife’s alma mater, Penn State University. My son has been to PSU with us for college football games many times in the past and we’re very familiar with it so this was a short college visit.

So why is this post called a Sneak Peek and not and not a full Report? We’ll, because I get to do a lot of cool stuff on my arcade visits, but according to my wife, bringing a 12 year-old child to an underground Hooka Lounge is not one of them 😂. This isn’t casting judgement, if that’s your thing that’s cool but I can’t take a young kid there. So, I popped in for a few seconds and snuck a few pictures of the place for everyone but didn’t get a chance to play any of the pins.

The lineup at Chronic Town was very solid. They had several Jersey Jacks, which is always a big plus. They also had an X-Men Magnito Edition, which is a pretty uncommon thing to see. Their Stern Jurassic Park had an interesting alternate translite. Given the theme and decor of the location, it was screaming for a Big Lebowski pin 🙂 but obviously those are pretty difficult to come by.

Overall, Chronic Town looked pretty cool. I just couldn’t spend much time there. I hope that you enjoy the pics. Next up on the trip was a second State College location. Report to come soon…

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