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Arcade1Up Officially Announces Modern Day Megatouch-Like "CasinoCade"

I have to start this post off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Megagatouch-esque arcade games. I can sit in front of my JVL Retro, Midway Touchmaster Infinity or Merrit Megatouch for hours with my family and compete against each other at the various games. The advent of mobile phones spelled doom for these touch-screen bar games, but I still love them. I've always wondered if Arcade1Up would introduce something along these lines. The Company's Infinity gaming table is close, but not quite the same.

Well today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Arcade1Up showed off a new product called the "Wheel of Fortune CasinoCade Deluxe." They're calling the machine a "Casinocade" because it has slot machine games in it, however it sure looks to me like a collection of touch-screen mini games that in theory would be very similar to a Megatouch.

Now I know that Arcade1Up is pretty widely mocked in the classic arcade hobby, but I personally don't really care about that. My family and I thoroughly enjoy our 1Up Star Wars machine with its very impressive yoke controls and our bar height Atari Pong table, featuring games like Warlords and Quadrapong, gets TONS of play. I would be all over this new 1Up Casinocade, even at its full $599 MSRP. I'm always looking for cool things that will entertain me to purchase that don't cost an arm and a leg like New In Box pinball machines do nowadays. This certainly qualifies, even if the resale value is likely close to zero.

I have lots of random games in my arcade that I think my family and friends will have fun playing, such as Ringo, a legit Atlantic City slot machine, PokerTek World Series of Poker, the aforementioned touchscreen games, Klask, whatever. I'll probably add one of these as well. Arcade1Up's website says that the CasinoCade is currently "Sold Out." I wonder if any actually went on sale today?

The Deluxe Wheel of Fortune CasinoCade adds a little taste of Vegas to your casino game night or home arcade collection. Slots enthusiasts will love the high-quality spins and nothing beats the always satisfying, sound that tells you “You Made it to the Bonus” and gives you the Bonus Spin.

The 4 premium Wheel of Fortune Games will keep you and your friends and family entertained for hours. And with 21 other classic casino and puzzle games you can hone your skills-based game play on games like Blackjack before it really matters in an actual casino.

Dual LCD Screens (8" top screen & 10.1" bottom screen) Bring the classic casino look and feel to life. The bottom panel is a touch screen for immersive interactive gameplay and includes surrounding flashing/ chaser lights. Dual speakers make you feel like you are walking the casino floor.

And now with WIFI leaderboards, you can post your scores to compete with friends and players everywhere.

Take your game night to the next level!

Turn Your Home Into a Vegas Casino With Arcade1Up's First Slot Machine

You can play as long as you want, but don't expect your drinks to be comped.

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