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Atari Drops Free Holiday Update to Incredible Atari 50 Classic Game Compilation

This post doesn't specifically pertain to pinball and commercial arcade games, but it is about retro gaming. The 50th Anniversary game collection that Atari published in late 2022 is one of my absolute favorite classic game compilations. The creator, Digital Eclipse, absolutely knocked this one out of the much so that Atari recently announced that it has purchased the studio.

The incredible treasure trove of video interviews, internal documents, advertisements, etc... from the history of Atari that this game includes alone are worth the price of admission. I could sift through that stuff for hours.

This morning Atari rolled out a free 12 game update to Atari 50, that includes a number of cool additions like Maze Craze, Adventure II and the new game Save Mary - which was in development but never completed when Atari shutdown 2600 production back in 1983.

I'm looking forward to kicking back on the couch with my Steam Deck tonight and trying these new additions to the collection out.

The #Atari50 content drop has arrived!

This free update includes homebrews, fan favorites, and forgotten classics like Adventure II, Maze Craze, Save Mary, and more.

Happy gaming!

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