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Atari Launches Two New Repro PCBs - Warlords and Lunar Lander

Back in April of this year, in conjunction with a company called Reteo Arcade, Atari launched a line of reproduction Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for its classic arcade games. These boards are unpopulated, so they're more like cool display items than something that someone can plug right into their classic Atari arcade cabinet. The first three titles in the series were Major Havoc, Black Widow and Gravitar.

Earlier this week Atari added two more repro PCBs to the collection, Warlords and Lunar Lander. The new boards are now available for sale on Atari's website for $245. The original theee boards are currently on sale for $208.25.

Below is a link to the for sale page for the boards and one to my article about the launch of the product line from earlier this year:

Atari Launches a Line of Reproduction Arcade PCBs for Classic Games

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