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Atari Reveals First Title in Its New Arcade Lineup

Updated: Mar 18

A week or so ago, I wrote here about how Atari is returning to the arcade scene after a multi-decade absence. It reached an agreement with a Company called Alan-1 to build arcade cabinets for a number of the new revamped classic arcade games in its "Recharged" series.

Minutes ago we learned which title is up first. It's "Asteroids: Recharged." In my opinion, that's an excellent choice for the first machine. I've played the heck out of that game on my Steam Deck since it was launched.

Not only do we know what the first title will be, we were given a glimpse of what Atari's 2- and 4-player arcade cabinets will look like in the below rendering. Very cool. They have a very Asteroids Deluxe vibe, which is one of my all-time favorite classic cabinets. In owned one for years.

We won't have to wait long to see Asteroids: Recharged in action. Alan-1 is bringing the cabinets to the its booth (1705) at the upcoming Amusement Expo in Las Vegas on March 20th or 21st.

Below is a picture of the cabinet renderings and a video of what the PC / console version of the game currently looks like.

UPDATE: I now have pictures of the actual 4-Player Asteroids Recharged cabinet...

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I am pretty sure that Avian Knights was at California Extreme (CAX) back in September 2023. It may have been under another name then, but the screen is familiar. Yes, a modern version of Joust. Looked quite nice and was popular at the show.


Avian Knights? So knock off Joust without the Python Anghelo influence?


Hilarious. No place for a DBV/DBA on the coin door. That's...that's some forward thinking, there.

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