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AtGames / Zen Studios New 4K Virtual Pinball Machine Makes Debut at Pinball Expo

In my continuing coverage of Pinball Expo, I bring you the booth for the new AtGames / Zen Studios 4K virtual pinball machine. I had the pleasure of speaking with the fine folks at AtGames last week and they provided me with a bunch of information on the product that I have included below, including a promotional video about it - that's the first time that I personally have seen that.

If you're at Expo, get over to the booth and take the VPins for a spin. I'm curious to see what you think about it.

Look at these beautiful machines! We're excited to see everyone tomorrow! The ALP 4KP Addams Family™ pinball machine has stunning screens and booming sound that you have to experience in person. #alp4kp#AtGames#pinball#zen

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