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Auction Date Set...Pictures from Inside the Shuttered Deeproot Pinball Headquarters

The date for the bankruptcy auction for the disgraced financier Robert Mueller's failed pinball company Deeproot has finally been set. A company called Mel Davis Auctions will be auctioning off Deeproot's remaining assets in an on-line only auction starting March 14th.

I just went through the pictures of the items that are currently shown in the auction listing. Man, no whitewoods, no foam-core mockups of games, only one RAZA prototype. There has to have been more cool stuff than this. I wonder if the company's former employees walked off with all of the interesting stuff. Given how things went down at the company, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. The assets consist mostly of large industrial equipment and a bunch of equipment from the company's gym. The pics to give a good look at the inside of the company's secretive headquarters though.

Here's a link to the webpage for the auction and a bunch of pictures:

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