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Back Alley Creations Launches New Line of Mods for Spooky Pinball Scooby-Doo

I've purchased a number of items from Back Alley Creations, the long-time manufacturer of awesome mods and parts for pinball machines, over the years. My history with them goes back a number of years to when I bought the unobtainable replacement file cabinet for Sega's X-Files pinball from them to replace my bashed up one.

Back Alley Productions recently announced a new line of aftermarket addons for Spooky Pinball's newest game, Scooby-Doo. The new mods include a Shannon in a mine cart to ride on the game's wire forms next to Scooby, the Gold City Mine Rock Trail to add additional detail to that section of the game and a color-matched version of the good old cabinet slime mod. Check them out in the pictures below:

"Here at Back Alley Creations we spent many long hours designing the sculpts and toys to be manufactured in the recently released Scooby Doo pinball brought to you by our good friends at Spooky Pinball! Because of this reason, it only made good sense for us to design some new mods for it. These mods that we are releasing today blend naturally with everything in the game and look right at home! We have had so much fun making things for this game that we decided to bring you 2 days in a row of new mod releases for this title. Today we are going to bring you 3 new items. We hope you enjoy them and please stay tuned for more upcoming releases!

• "Shannon" in mine cart: Shannon is the twin brother of one of our favorite lead characters in Scooby Doo! In this sculpt he is sitting in the mine cart and ready ride the rails alongside Scooby and the Miner in mine cart sculpts already in the game. He comes attached to one of our EZ Clips in the same fashion that Scooby and the Miner are both attached for easy installation on the wire form as shown in the pictures below.

• Gold City Mine Rock Trail: In the upper right section of the game you will fine the Gold City Mine. We have taken what is shown in that area on decals and created a hand sculpted Rock Trail to give you more depth and realism to the the Scooby Doo world that is under the glass of your pinball machine. The Rock Trail can be seen in the pics below.

• Here at BAC we have created sculped speaker and coin door slime for many titles in the past and did not want to leave our beloved Scooby Doo pin out on this mod. Sculpted and painted in a style to match the beautiful artwork, we are offering two versions of coin door slime as well as the full width speaker panel slime sculpt in two fading color choices, purple to blue or blue to purple.

Please visit our website to see these and all of the other mods offered for this title by Back Alley Creations"

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