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Barrels of Fun Labyrinth Sales Update; A Visit to One of the Newest Labyrinths on Location

Whew, it sure has been hot here in NJ. I know we're not hot like Texas or Arizona, but when every day is 90+ degrees it gets old really fast. You know what else is hot? Barrels of Fun's first pinball machine Labyrinth.

Arguably the most transparent company in the industry announced today that since its last update, sales of Labyrinth have increased from 750 to 822. Only 278 of its 1,100 machine run of the game remain. Customers who order one today will see their machines produced in January or February 2025.

Speaking of Labyrinth, I has the pleasure of playing one again this weekend at a new pinball location. Below is the write-up from the trip that I shared on Facebook earlier and a bunch of pictures.

"I have a pinball report from one of the most scenic locations that I’ve written about today, beautiful Greenwood Lake, New York. I have fond memories of going bass fishing on Greenwood Lake in an aluminum Sears rowboat with my Dad when I was little. My family and friends often go up there to this day for lunch and drinks.

So when Tepper and Nicola reached out to me to tell me that they had opened a new pinball location there I was super excited…even more so when I heard that they have one of the rarest, coolest new pins out there fresh on the floor - Barrels of Fun Labyrinth.

On Sunday, my wife and two good friends - one of whom is a life-long fan of the movie Labyrinth and a supporter of this page since the beginning hopped in the Knapp Arcade mobile, a white Jeep Wrangler named “Arctic Thunder” and made the scenic drive up to New York State.

Located just blocks from the water, Two Fools Games and Gifts is on a cute small-town street featuring several good restaurants. The new location has five pinball machines on the floor right now, the aforementioned Labyrinth, a 1988 Williams Jokerz!, a Stern Pinball Teenage Mutant Turtles Premium with Insider Connected, a 1981 Williams Jungle Lord and a 1990 Data East The Simpsons.

Beyond the pins, Two Fools has lots of delicious custom-made beverages, a full service tea and kava bar, board games to play, and tons of small gifts for sale. Towards the end of when we were there, they were conducting a cool tea party-esque tasting that was very well attended.

If you’re a pinball fan who lives anywhere near Greenwood Lake, hop on over there and play some Labyrinth and then go grab some drinks on the water at a place like Cove Castle. It makes for a super fun day."

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2 comentários

Walter Wood
Walter Wood
3 days ago

Nice shots brother, glad you got some time on the ole Labyrinth, not a bad game man, it is definitely a bit over-hyped, I've played it over 20 times but never had that "just one more game" feeling, I just want to give this game more chances to blow me away ya know? The left ramp is the best shot in the game by far, whereas the right ramp may be the worst, it suffers from a poor angle so the left flipper shot is causing a bit of clunk/rejects from the stand-up posts, especially the right one near our arcade here in Colorado has been literally swiss cheesed, which is usually a sign of design issues. The outlanes are…

Knapp Arcade
Knapp Arcade
3 days ago
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Thanks Walt!

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