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Barrels of Fun, Maker of Labyrinth Pinball, Already Has Other Licenses Locked Up

It's been all Barrels of Fun Pinball all the time here this weekend. Here's another fascinating piece of information about them hot off the press.

Overnight, the Company's Chief Business Officer Brian Savage took to Pinside to answer a number of questions that people have asked about both the new game, Labyrinth, and Barrels of Fun itself. At the very end of his post he said the following...

"This is not the only IP we have a license for."

Whaaaat? Does this mean that the Company already has a second pinball machine in the works? Or was he talking about the other aspect of Barrels of Fun, collectibles? From the post:

"As to questions about the company name Barrels of Fun, we don't define ourselves as just a pinball manufacturer, we are a collectibles or in our joking way "Kollectibles" manufacturer. We have plans for other products as well."

Other interesting tidbits from the post include:

  • The Company has distributors for Europe and Canada coming online today.

  • They are selling 150 games directly to consumers through their website and the rest will be sold through distributors

  • It sounded like the first batch of games is scheduled to ship on November 3rd

  • They wanted to have even more games in boxes ready to go for Pinball Expo but their suppliers didn't cooperate.

Below are a couple of pictures that the Barrels of Fun factory that they shared on their Facebook yesterday.

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