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Barrels of Fun Has 2 More Pinball Licenses Locked Up; New Labyrinth Stream; New Spooky Website

As I said yesterday, I'm back from an epic arcade road trip and ready to hit the pinball and arcade news scene again. Here's a couple of stories that have happened over the past several days.

Late last week, Joel Engelberth streamed one of the first Barrels of Fun Labyrinth pinball machines out there on the Flip N Out YouTube channel. If you missed it, it's a great way to get a feel for this cool new game.

Also last week, the golden-voiced Jeff Teolis hosted Barrels of Fun's CEO David van Es and lead rules designer Phil Grimaldi on his fantastic Pinball Profile podcast. Check out this interesting Bit 'O News that it contained:

"But you wait and see what they've got lined up for games 2 and 3. The licenses are locked...I'm building a business over the next 10 years, wait until you see what we've got."

What?! I knew that Barrels of Fun already had a second license all set for its next pinball machine, but apparently the Company has TWO more games in the queue. So cool. Now we get to speculate what the next themes are lol. There's been a rumor floating around out there for a while that a pinball company snatched up the license for The Princess Bride." Then a couple of weeks ago, the Knapp Arcade e-mail inbox started getting links and teasers about a new website for Princess Bride Pinball. Hmmmm.

What are the odds that is a prank or yet another brand new pinball company with a significant IP rather than just Barrels of Fun's next title? I'm thinking that the latter is the most likely, but who knows the Barrels folks are very good at keeping secrets. I have to say, when I mentioned the possibility of Princess Bride pinball to my wife the other day it was the first time ever that I have seen her actually get excited for a pinball theme. So Barrels people, please make it because it would be an easy green light to buy in the Knapp household HAHA.

This morning I realized that Spooky Pinball has revamped its website. The new site looks great and prominently features a link to Spooky Bug's Bug's Scream N' Stream Twitch stream. Thursday night's stream showed off the newest code for Spooky Pinball's latest game, Scooby-Doo.

During the Q&A session at the end of Spooky's stream, Bug stated that the Company still has a few hundred Scooby machines left to build and that Spooky will continue selling them until the run is completely sold out. We're definitely inching closer to the reveal of Spooky's next title (or titles), but we're not quite there yet.

Below are all the links, pictures and videos...

Pinball Profile Episode 378: Jim Henson's Labyrinth pinball from Barrels of Fun

Link to the mysterious Princess Bride Pinball website:

Link to Spooky Pinball's new site:

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