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Barrels of Fun Labyrinth Pinball Production Update

I've written about Barrels of Fun (BoF) pinball a number of times on this site over the past several months. I continue to be amazed by the Company's transparency with its production and sales numbers. I wish we knew information like this for all of the pinball manufacturers. I find it fascinating. I always look up how many games were made of a certain title on IPDB when I share my daily pinball pictures and include that data when possible.

Barrels of Fun provided another production update on its website this morning. A lot of the data, such as how they have sold 750 Labyrinths out of a maximum of 1,100 and the fact that they have manufactured 270 machines to date was already known and reported here after their recent great factory tour.

However, the release does contain some new information, most notably that BoF currently projects that it will manufacture 500 more Labyrinth machines by the end of 2024. If they hit that mark, that will represent 770 games built and shipped, which is more than the game's current sales.

It feels as though Barrels is still doing quite a bit of marketing for the game, so I expect them to continue to sell units. Any new orders over the current 750 will be built in 2025.

A new pinball location near me that I've been talking with, Two Fools Gifts and Games in Greenwood Lake, NY, is actually scheduled to receive their Labyrinth in June, so I'm going to have another chance to play the game soon. I'll take a lot of pictures and report back.

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