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Barrels of Fun Shows Off 10 Labyrinth Pinball Machines at Expo

Exciting times in the pinball industry. Today is setup day for all of the manufacturers and booths at the Chicago Pinball Expo. I share any breaking news from the event that I hear about here.

First up is the new company Barrels of Fun. They brought ten of their brand new Labyrinth pinball machines New In Box to Expo and shared a video of it on their Facebook page. I have embedded the video below, courtesy of the Pinball Monk YouTube channel:

Barrels of Fun is hosting a Pizza Party at Expo on Friday evening at 9:30 PM.

Labyrinth machines are officially on the Expo floor! See you this week in Chicago at Pinball Expo for a chance to choose your fate and explore the Labyrinth. #PinballExpo #pinball #pinballmachines #labyrinth #JimHenson #LabyrinthPinball #collectables #BarrelsofFun #fantasy #pinballexpo2023

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