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Barrels of Fun Shows Off New Brighter Labyrinth Gameplay Video Featuring New Code

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Enter the Labyrinth with Bowen Kerins at your side! Filmed at Barrels of Fun HQ in Houston, Texas, learn the foundations of Labyrinth pinball gameplay. Will you go up or down? Are you ready to take on The Cleaners or the Oubliette? How do you recruit your friends for the journey?

Here’s how to pave your path to the Goblin King’s castle and grab some multiballs along the way. This video contains gameplay on a work-in-progress version of the code. Be sure to stop by Pinball Expo in Chicago Oct 18-21 and the Houston Arcade Expo Nov 10-12 to try the most up to date version of the game.

Bowen Kerins is well-known from his PAPA tutorial video series and his championship pinball play, including five PAPA and IFPA World Championships. He built the rules for Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle and Rick and Morty at Spooky Pinball, and Final Resistance at Multimorphic. He knows the rules and strategy of most games and game designers inside and out. His work on the rules for Labyrinth pinball has been invaluable.

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