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Beautiful Cactus Canyons Continue to Ship…Without Toppers

Chicago Gaming Company continues to crank out Cactus Canyon Remake pinball machines at a steady pace. This game is absolutely beautiful, they did an amazing job with it, but it is worth noting that a production version of the company’s highly touted topper for the game still does not exist. There’s a few prototype toppers in existence but Chicago Gaming didn’t feel as though their build, quality, and reliability were up to its standards. So work on a final production model of the topper continues and games are shipping out without it for now.

I have to say, this game looks absolutely incredible. The improved sculpts, the amazing DMD, polished code everything about it pops. And this is before the Lyman DLC code is available. I imagine that will be a work of art, making this game even better. They’re making me regret not getting one. The topper issues are a little troubling though. Hopefully CGC is able to iron them out soon. I still haven’t played a CCR with the topper. The machine that I tried at Pintastic New England didn’t have a topper on it yet at the time. Chicago Gaming flew the topper up from a Florida Show, I think Free Play Florida IIRC, and added it to the game mid-Pintastic.

When a topper is not installed on a LE or SE+ Cactus Canyon pin, the “Shootout Mode” that normally interacts with the special topper will be played on the DMD screen like a normal video mode. Here’s a YouTube video of what the Shootout looks like on the DMD:

I can’t wait to see someone stream this game with the works, topper and new code. That will be epic.

Heres some gorgeous pictures of a CCR that just arrived in North Texas (when a state is that big, it’s best to specify a part lol) at FUN! Billiards and Gameroom Superstore courtesy of their Facebook page.

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