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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Back in the day, when my sons were little we used to visit the Kiddie Casinos aka redemption arcades quite often. Nowadays I have switched my arcade visits to mostly pure gaming locations. Having said that, they opened a new restaurant in my town that I wanted to visit. It happens to be next door to Dave & Busters. So my oldest son and I popped in to see what’s new.

To my surprise, despite the pandemic-related slowdown there was a number of new games there. The trend for new arcade games is definitely BIG. Look at the size of that axe throwing game! Bay Tek’s new game Hatchet Heroes attempts to capitalize on the new axe throwing craze by having players toss foam axes at targets. I would think that kids would take these axes and chuck them all over the arcade, but I guess that Pop-A-Shot basketball games have been around for years and they aren’t a problem.

Probably the best of the new games out there is Raw Thrills’ new machine Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft IP still seems to carry a lot of weight with kids and the game itself is actually good. Again it is a huge 4-player cabinet.

The other neat new game they we saw was a play on the Old School 1983 arcade game Elevator Action by Taito. It’s UNIS’s Elevator Action Invasion. It is a multi-player first person shooter that has real elevator doors that open and close followed by a flurry of shooting at enemies. Strategically placed speakers in the floor make it rumble and feel like a real elevator. It’s actually pretty neat.

Other new games included a fastest pitch baseball game called Hyper Pitch by LAI Games and a VR game called Vader Immortal Lightsaber Dojo that the Dave & Busters location that I was at had closed because of the pandemic.

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