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UPDATED: Haggis Pinball Officially Reveals Centaur Revisited “The Beast is Reborn”

Minutes ago, the Australian pinball manufacturer Haggis Pinball officially released the details on its second Bally remake from the Class of 1981, Centaur Revisited.

The game will be available in two doffeeent trim levels, the Oblivion Edition, which is limited to 50 units at $25,000 AUD, and the Beast Edition, which is limited to 250 units at $15,000 AUD.

The game will go on sale on Haggis' website on July 12th at 11:00 AM AEST.

Below is the company's official press release and pictures of the game:

EDIT: After my initial post, Haggis dropped a video trailer for the game on YouTube. I have embedded it below. The music in the trailer is...interesting. I wonder if Haggis will us it in their Centaur 2.0 code.

"Centaur™ Revisited: A Timeless Classic Reborn!

Dear Pinball Enthusiasts,

Haggis Pinball, in conjunction with Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc, proudly presents Centaur™ Revisited, an extraordinary homage to the iconic Bally machine that first took the pinball world by storm in 1981. With this sensational release, we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey that blends the timeless charm of the original with cutting-edge enhancements.

Centaur™ Revisited stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the art of pinball, preserving its rich legacy while pushing the boundaries of innovation. We have meticulously reimagined every aspect of this beloved classic, incorporating modern technology and captivating features that will ignite your passion for the game.

We are thrilled to offer two remarkable editions of Centaur™ Revisited:

Beast Edition (Limited to 250 units): AUD $15,000 + applicable tax

With only 250 units available, this edition promises an unparalleled gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the game's authentic heritage, enhanced with original artwork. It's a collector's dream come true, combining nostalgia and innovation in a truly remarkable machine.

Orblivion Edition (Limited to 50 units): AUD $25,000 + applicable tax

Limited to just 50 units, this edition offers plenty of exclusive enhancements. Witness the Underworld Queen interactive plasma topper, indulge in custom callouts that immerse you in the game, and enjoy mayhem with an additional multiball. The Orblivion Edition also features etched mirror side blades, inner cabinet art blades, black pinball balls, and a breathtaking airbrushed motorcycle helmet and leather jacket. Not to mention, you'll receive the Centaur™ Revisited soundtrack on vinyl. Most importantly, only the Orblivion Edition gives you the exclusive opportunity to choose colorised playfield and plastics art which truly makes this a rare collectable.

All machines include free shipping within Australia and free shipping to Planetary Pinball Supply in the USA1

Both the Beast Edition and the Orblivion Edition of Centaur™ Revisited feature an extensive array of mind-blowing features that will elevate your pinball experience to unprecedented heights:

Original Game Code and 2.0 Revisited Code: Enjoy the best of both worlds as we seamlessly blend the original game code with the electrifying 2.0 Revisited code. Prepare for new rules, captivating callouts, immersive music, and sound effects that will leave you craving more.

Full RGB General Illumination, Inserts, and 7 Segment Score Displays: The art of Centaur™ comes alive in a symphony of vibrant lights with full RGB general illumination, inserts, and 7 segment score displays. Every moment becomes an extraordinary visual feast, amplifying your gaming pleasure.

Dual Apron LCD Screens: Stay informed and engaged with the game through the dual apron LCD screens. Keep track of your progress, explore exciting modes, and witness animations right at your area of focus.

5 Speaker Premium Audio System with Subwoofer: Prepare to be immersed in a sonic extravaganza! Centaur™ Revisited boasts a premium audio system featuring five speakers including a powerful subwoofer, delivering crystal-clear sound effects, callouts, and a musical score that will make your heart race.

Mirrored Chrome Cabinet and Playfield Elements: Reflecting light and surroundings, these mirrored surfaces add a depth to the visuals of Centaur Revisited and further enhance the premium lighting effects.

Interactive Topper: Elevate your gaming atmosphere with the interactive topper. Experience stunning light shows, captivating effects, and a touch of magic that intensifies your connection to the game. Both toppers are fully interactive and synchronised with both rule sets.

Under Cabinet Lighting: Immerse yourself in a radiant glow with under cabinet lighting. Illuminate your gaming space and enhance the ambiance, creating an unparalleled pinball experience.

Mirror Chrome Back Glass: Recreated from the original screens, this back glass not only looks incredibly sharp, we’ve added mirror chrome accents to enhance the overall appearance.

Furthermore, the Orblivion Edition offers an extraordinary range of enhancements:

Underworld Queen Interactive Plasma Topper: Witness the mesmerizing presence of the Underworld Queen with an interactive plasma topper. Let her captivating aura guide your gameplay and add a touch of enchantment to your pinball journey.

Custom Callouts: Immerse yourself in a truly personalized experience with custom callouts. Enjoy unique interactions that bring the game to life and make each moment feel tailor-made for you.

Additional Multiball: Unleash chaos with an additional multiball mode, intensifying the adrenaline rush and creating even more exhilarating pinball moments.

Etched Mirror Side Blades: Admire the intricate beauty of etched mirror side blades, showcasing designs that elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the machine.

Inner Cabinet Art Blades: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Centaur™ Revisited with inner cabinet art blades. Experience an artistic journey that extends beyond the playfield, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Centaur™ Revisited Soundtrack on Vinyl: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sounds of Centaur™ Revisited with a specially curated soundtrack on vinyl. Let the music from the game transport you to new realms of pinball excitement.

Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmet and Leather Jacket: Embark on your pinball adventures in style with an airbrushed motorcycle helmet and a genuine leather jacket. These exclusive additions will make you feel like a true pinball rockstar.

To complete your Centaur™ Revisited experience, both editions include a signed and numbered Centaur™ Revisited comic poster—a true collector's gem that celebrates the spirit of pinball.

Centaur™ Revisited is a testament to our passion for pinball and our commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience. Join us on this extraordinary journey and become part of the Haggis Pinball family.

To learn more about Centaur™ Revisited and secure your place in pinball history, visit our website at Prepare to be amazed as we launch pre-orders for these limited-edition masterpieces!

Thank you for your unwavering support as we continue to redefine the world of pinball. We look forward to sharing the thrill of Centaur™ Revisited with you.

WEBSTORE OPENS: Wednesday 12th July 2023 at 11am AEST for deposits ($2,000 AUD Beast Edition, $3,000 AUD Orblivion Edition plus Tax where applicable)

Warm regards,

Damian Hartin

CEO, Haggis Pinball

1Haggis Classic Series Pinball machines will include free domestic shipping within Australia and free shipping via container to Planetary Pinball Supply in the USA. Please note free shipping to the USA depends on our ability to fill an entire 40-foot container, and alternate shipping arrangements may need to be made, which may include additional costs. Shipping to remote/high-cost destinations within Australia may also incur additional charges.

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Marvin Goebel
Marvin Goebel
Jul 10, 2023

Looks sick killer bad ass Rad awesome photos of the Complete package Vinyl or Leather?? From Sunny California.


Jul 05, 2023

This does not look like much of a remake. Stern 2019 Jurassic Park is a remake. This is more like a beefed up reproduction, which is fine, but for the price tag, you might want to go the restoration route and end up with a beautiful original. If you want new code, audio, and topper, Pedretti may have your back in the near future.


Jul 05, 2023

All that detail provided for a sales brochure, yet no company update on Fathom builds provided by the CEO. No fake timeline on Centaur builds that will follow Fathom Mermaid builds, Fathom classic builds and more Celts builds. Shame on Haggis for lying by omission. IMO Haggis could finish the Fathoms by end of 2024 (300 games in 3 years). Add Celts to manufacturing and production for Centaur could begin 1Q 2025. Haggis is a train wreck.

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