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Buy a Real Supreme Pinball Machine for $6

How would you like to own a real, super rare Supreme pinball machine for only six bucks? OK well, not the entire machine…one share in a Supreme pin. Rally Rd., a service that sells shares of luxury goods and NFTs to individuals is conducting an initial offering for shares of one.

Shares of this Supreme pin go on sale soon for $6 apiece with 10,000 shares issued, giving the pin an initial Market Cap of $60,000. From there I believe that the shares will trade and fluctuate in value.

Stern Pinball contract manufactured this game for Supreme back in 2018. I actually had an opportunity to play one at Brooklyn’s famous Sunshine Laundromat arcade a couple of years ago when the speakeasy portion was still open. It was cool, but it’s essentially a Stern The Pin home game that was modified for Supreme.

Oh a related note, I’ve decided to begin selling shares in my pinball machine collection. Each share comes with no rights to play the game but does conve the rights to a portion of the proceeds from any future sale. I’m conducting an IPO for Stern Jurassic Park Premium next week lol.

Hat tip to Rob Miller for the heads up on this one.

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