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Cactus Canyon Mirrored Backglasses Start Shipping

This certainly has been quite a month or so. Last week, I picked up a fairly nasty case of COVID because "Why not?" so I throttled back on the posts here while I was recovering. I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again and hope to be completely back in a day or two. Enough bellyaching LOL, time to get back into the swing of sharing arcade and pinball news again.

Late last week, Planetary Pinball announced that it has begun shipping its fancy mirrored backglasses for Cactus Canyon. The new backglasses are intended for use in Chicago Gaming Company's excellent remake of the game and they are limited to one per customer. Planetary pinball has some of the new backglasses in stock now, but many more than that have been ordered by CCR owners so it will take them several month to fulfill them all.

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