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CBS Broadcasting Filed Specific Trademark for Twilight Zone Pinball This Month

The smoke surrounding a potential remake of one of the greatest pinball machines of all time, Bally's 1993 game Twilight Zone, continues to grow. Last month I talked about the rumor that a large order has been placed for Twilight Zone pinball machine ramps (see below), now it appears as though this month CBS Broadcasting has filed a specific trademark for The Twilight Zone for use in "Pinball games; pinball-type games; pinball machines."

The filing from February 8th, 2023 is way different than the many of the other blanket filings that I've talked about here in the past. The only "Goods and Services" items listed in this one are for pinball.

RUMOR: A Large Order Has Been Placed for Twilight Zone Pinball Ramps

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