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Changes are Coming to American Pinball Deluxe Edition Machines

According to a report by Zach Meny and Dennis Kriesel on today's new episode of the The Pinball Show podcast, American Pinball is making a number of changes to the Deluxe editions of its Houdini, Oktoberfest and Hot Wheels pinball machines going forward.

American will do one last run of the current Deluxe Editions of these games on the following schedule:

Oktoberfest - Late April / May, Classic $7,795 / Deluxe $8,295

Houdini - Late Summer, Classic $7,295 / Deluxe $7,995

Hot Wheels - Late Fall, Classic $6,995 / Deluxe $7,395

Once those machines are produced, future Deluxe models of these titles will have the following changes to simplify manufacturing and minimize delays:

- Leg & lollypop side rail powder coating will all be black, instead of game-specific colors.

- Consistent cabinet styling for all game styles rather then the multiple different cabinets.

- Static playfield toys will be modified? Molded plastic toys will change.

Below is a link to this week's episode of the show for those of you who want to hear this report and other interesting info firsthand:

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