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Check Out the Mind-Blowing Pinball Lineup at this German Pinball Bar

Now this is some lineup! In addition to the amazing regular 70 pinball machine lineup, billiards tables and darts at the German bar Bulls & Balls Fulda, the Austrian pinball distributor, RS-Pinball GmbH, has set up an unbelievable temporary lineup of games that includes these sick pins:

  • Dutch Pinball's The Big Lebowski

  • Pinball Brothers Alien LV

  • Spooky Pinball's Halloween CE

  • Spooky Pinball's Ultraman CE

  • Pedretti Gaming's Funhouse 2.0 Rudy's Nightmare

  • Haggis Pinball's Celts.

What?! That lineup is so beautiful that it's bringing tears to my eyes LOL. The additional games will be at the bar through May 24th. Here links to Bulls & Balls Fulda's and the distributor's websites. If anyone out there is in Germany, get over there and check this place out!

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