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Chicago Gaming Company Cactus Canyon Limited Edition Pins Have Begun to Ship

After a brief lull, it seems like the arcade and pinball news is starting to pick up again. Love it! Hot off the press, Chicago Gaming Company's Ryan White just confirmed that the company's Limited Edition Cactus Canyon pinball machines have begun to ship. Very exciting. I'm thrilled to see that the rumors of another significant delay that have been floating around were incorrect. There's going to be some happy buyers out there this week. The quality of all of CGC's games is top notch.

After the LE games ship, CGC will begin to ship the ordered SE+ machines. Josh Sharpe and the Company are still hard at work finishing up the expanded code that Lyman Sheats was working on before his passing. As of right now, Chicago Gaming is focusing all of its efforts on getting the Cactus Canyon LEs out and does not have any sort of announcement planned for its next game, which rumor has it is basically finished already.



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