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Chicago Gaming Company Cactus Canyon Remake Limited Edition Pinball Machine Delayed Again

According to the pinball distributor "Game Room Guys" Chicago Gaming Company's Limited Edition pinball machines won't begin shipping for another four to six weeks. This recent update follows a statement by the distributor on September 20th (approximately five weeks ago) that the LE machines would begin shipping in three to four weeks. So it appears as though the machines have been delayed again. It's entirely possible that Planetary Pinball will receive Cactus Canyon games before other distributors. If that is the case then games may ship from Planetary faster than from other distributors.

Supposedly once Chicago Gaming company begins shipping Cactus Canyon LEs, it will take them approximately 18 weeks to finish the production run. That puts the ship date for customers who are towards the back of the LE list at February 2023.

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CGC really needs to release an official statement on this. Many were asked to pay for the LE in full a few weeks ago and now another delay?

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