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Chicago Gaming Company Cactus Canyon Remake Limited Editions are Starting to Show Up on Location

Oh man, two new pinball machines starting to appear on location in one week. Yesterday, I talked about how Stern Pinball's James Bonds are beginning to arrive in arcades and bars. Today I'm starting to see the long-awaited Chicago Gaming Company Cactus Canyon Limited Edition machines starting to show up in arcades. Here's a picture of one on location at CO Bar in Frisco, Colorado. The topper definitely is a thing of beauty and the LE wooden apron looks amazing as well. The wait for the LEs was long, but they sure look amazing AND they were locked in at the order price for customers while other companies have raised prices multiple times over the past year, making it one of the best deals out there in the current market.

Here's a link to CO Bar's website. Get over there and pop some quarters into this beauty!

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